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  • Haden Shaffer

Your Lawn Is Thirsty!

Summertime means heat stress in the lawn world. If you are seeing your grass getting brown and tan in the sun, here are some proper tips to get your green back.

1. Water infrequently and deeply - Watering one inch every three days in the absence of one inch of rain will promote deep root development and robust green color. Shallow watering will cause shallow roots and will dry up. Watering to often can rot your grass plants roots.

2. Make sure your mover deck is raised - Plants should be mowed higher than normal in the summer heat. The grass stores most of its body water in the growth of the plant. When cutting, you should never remove more than 1/3rd of the leaf blade and should make sure the blade is as sharp as possible. A dull blade will tear the grass apart, leaving a large vector for disease infection.

3. Make sure to aerate and overseed annually - Most grasses don't seed enough on their own to maintain a population density we like to see in our lawns and no grass lives forever particularly cool-season grasses. As the isolated plants get older, die off, and don't get replaced, bare spots will appear and fill with weeds. This intern heats the soil making it harder for grass to stay hydrated. One of the best defenses against heat is to have a full lawn for the summer, easily achieved through aeration and overseeding with H&N Turf Care.

With a little care and a few steps all homeowners can take, everyone can see a greener lawn for much longer in the summer.

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