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  • Haden Shaffer

In The Garden, Let's Talk Rocks

Spring is here, and it is time to think about how to arrange your gardens. If you are a little crafty and want a fun project to get a pop of early color in your garden! We have collected a short slideshow of examples for you to check out.

Your creativity is the only limit when designing your rocks, or if you're short on time you can search for preprinted ones online. Rock painting is also a great project for kids to get outside and in the garden. From painted bugs, animals, and inspirational quotes to funny quips, and the classic Weather Forecast Rock. We hope to see some cool designs out in the community this spring!

Pro Tip: After painting your design and letting it dry, apply a clear coat of clear nail polish (unless it's a Forecast Rock, they need to get wet).

This will prevent weather from washing your design away.

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