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  • Haden Shaffer

A Wet Hot American Nutsedge

Adult & Seeding Yellow Nutsedge

Spring rolled through and everything was pristine. The grass was lush, weeds were down, and the mower was set to the perfect height. Then summer comes along, so get ready for a hard time. One good rainstorm sweeps through a June evening and it starts. Suddenly, all over the yard (but especially in the low areas), a neon green grass rears its ugly head. Somehow it grows twice as fast as the lawn and you can't keep up. You've got a yellow nutsedge infestation.

This perennial sedge grass is known for its ability to grow anywhere the soil is oversaturated, and its high resistance to weed control. It spreads through a system of underground tubers and nuts, and large groups tend to be one big organism. H&N Turf Care has the method for controlling this weed, commonly known as Sulfentrazone, a systemic herbicide that gets into the nut and takes care of the problem at the core. The weed will commonly grow in edging, low lying areas, near gutters, sand mounds, and the bottoms of hills where water settles.

The problem can take a few seasons to remove with herbicide, but despite the unsightly nature, resist the urge to pull them. Pulling a nutsedge plant will agitate the tubers and cause them to spread faster. If you see nutsedge's ugly neon green head rear itself in your lawn this year, don't panic, but don't wait. Reach out to get a quote today and get a step closer to being a beautiful space.

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